3D Printing Gets Ted Talks Klout

We talk a lot about 3D printing. Why? Well the obvious, it’s freaking awesome and it’s going to change everything in the manufacturing world. Time will look back one day and much like the industrial revolution, it will recognized the 3D printing revolution. Take 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental, who is helping to imagine a future where 3D scanning-and-printing is an everyday act, and food, clothing, objects are routinely output at home. He recently took center stage for a Ted Talk.

He has been a major force in the field of rapid prototyping, turning a design from a CAD file into a solid object. But now, he’s thinking about the idea of a 3D printer in every house. It’s coming, he says, and we should think about what our lives will be like when we can design everything in our lives, then make it.

As of late, he’s been demo-ing the Cube, a tabletop 3D printer that can print a basketball-sized object, and the ChefJet, a food-grade machine that prints in sugar and chocolate. His company is also rolling out consumer-grade 3D scanning cameras that clip to a tablet to capture three-dimensional objects for printing out later.

We often feature 3D Systems and its many innovations. We hope you will take a few minutes and enjoy a Ted Talks on 3D printing!

Ted Talks 3D Printing

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