Apple V Samsung, the Patent War

a v s

So you have a sweet new idea for a product, great. You do the responsible thing and start to research your next steps. As expected you hit the patenting crossroad and are left with a hundred questions. Fret not, completely understood. Patent, patent, don’t patent, don’t patent yet, have your licenser patent for you, its just all up in the air. For your comfort, please understand you’ve entered a world where even the most successful brands of the world cannot even agree over the topic of patent rights. Yes, I’m talking about Apple vs Samsung. This fight has been going on now for longer than anyone cares to remember. But here is the kicker, the fight has gotten so ugly, they’ve just agreed to keep it outside our glorious borders. Huh? What does that even mean. Read what the major pubs have to say, and then try to understand why we pay north of $600 for new phones with a shelf life of less than 2 years. Yay!


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