Those Big Ideas

Every inventor knows, you have to be on top of everything. After all, when you are thinking up the idea for your next invention, you usually start with a problem. The first thing you need to ask is: ”Did somebody already come up with something that solves this particular issue”. It would be quite pointless to work on something somebody already took care of, unless you think you can come up with a better solution.

Highly anticipated inventions can also help you identify the market needs and see what things the general public finds appealing. I’m not saying that you should use these ideas to spin off your next project, but the work of others can be quite inspirational, and may give you a push in the right direction. These are some of the inventions that raised a buzz in the last few years.

Paper-Thin Pen Drives

Death to USB ports. DataSTICKIES are two-dimensional data storage devices that can carry as much data as regular sized pen drives, but they connect to devices in a totally different manner. They use Optical Data Transfer Surfaces that can be attached to the front of the devices in order to connect and enable data transfer. The fun part is that they actually stick to the surface in a way that regular paper notes do.

Argus II

There is no cliche that is funny for blindness. For years medical specialists have been trying to cure it with little success. Argus II is the first invention that can partially restore vision to a blind person and it is also the invention to be approved by the FDA. It comes in the form of glasses which pick up signals from your surroundings, processes them through a computer and sends them to your brain through an implant in your eye by using electronic signals. It is still at its early stage of development but we are now one step  closer to curing blindness.


The +Pool serves the purposes of purifying river water so as to give New Yorkers an opportunity to swim in the Hudson river. To some it would seem strange that an idea like this sprouted, but those that live in big cities will tell you how impossible it is to swim in the city river due to the level of pollution. New Yorkers have shown tremendous interest, and the project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. It is currently in the testing phase.

Bladeless Windmill

Birds everywhere rejoice! We have been harvesting energy from the wind for a long time now, but we couldn’t do it in urban areas because of all the noise and vibration the wind turbines produce. Thanks to Mecanoo architectural company, we may just have a way to actually make urban areas produce energy for us with very little effort put in.

Bladeless wind power

What big inventions have made an impact to your life?

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