I Have a Big Idea, Now What?


Great ideas are like lightning and strike people all the time. Perhaps you’ve been inspired at some point with the notion for an innovative product or process. Inventors have served to power human progress in many ways ever since our early man stood upright and began making tools. But it takes more than just some clever firing of the brain circuits to turn an invention idea into a working, tangible product. And then it takes even more work to develop it into a mass-market phenomenon that can change people’s lives and make the inventor as rich as Scott Boilen (snuggie dude).

To get your invention to market, you’ll definitely need lots of help — from intellectual property attorneys to experts on marketing, perhaps even from technology experts to make your product better. A note of caution: Beware the scammers, who seem to be drawn to preying on novice inventors while claiming to help. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of resources on navigating the dicey road to bringing an invention to market. Here are a few you might find helpful to investigate:

No matter the path you take, it is important to remember you have already done more the average idea person. That is, you took the first step!

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