Ideas for a Better Workspace

Coming up with ideas isn’t easy, especially when not all workspaces are created equal. Face it, finding inspiration can be a tall order when you’re sitting in dingy basement with the smell of something funky in the air.  So what is it we need to do? Focus, focus, focus. It is about not just finding that focus, but keeping it as well.

Ideas for a better space
This kind of focus isn’t always there because you don’t always have the necessary willpower to put yourself in that particular state of mind. Sometimes, even the slightest distraction can cause a loss of focus. This leads to frustration which further worsens the whole situation. A thing that can really help with this kind of problem is having a work environment which enables you to achieve the level of concentration that gives you the ability to do your work best. Naturally, a badly arranged work space can have a negative effects on your creative process. Here are a few things you can do to improve your own concentration and the concentration of any possible co-workers.

Ditch the Distractions Sure, some likes to use the phrase “Creative Chaos”, but that’s one thing and having a messy office is another. Constantly getting ticked off because you can’t find something due to all the mess that is everywhere while the floor sticks to your shoes because somebody spilled something is not something you can call “Creative Chaos”, it’s just plain chaos.

Stale body = stale mind If your work includes sitting down for longer periods of time, your concentration can be harmed through sheer inactivity of your body. This can be resolved through periodical stretching exercises, but this alone is not enough. Investing in good office furniture can help you keep both your physical health and your focus. After all, you can’t really concentrate if your back is killing you. This is especially a big issue for inventors since they rarely do any work standing up and can spend hours bent over their desk in the same position.

Deck out you space If you look at how workplaces are depicted in popular culture, you may notice that they are usually stale spaces, with no trace of personality. If you feel you are spending time in a strange and oppressive environment, you will never be able to fully relax. Make your workspace your own and soon, you will feel comfortable and be able to get your creative juices flowing.

Dedicated lounge Not everyone wants to take a break at the same time and it would also be unfair to break somebodies focus just because you are on a break. You need a designated space where people can relax and take a break without having to pay attention not to disturb somebodies work concentration. This way, you will make sure that the invention process is not disturbed and you can get quality end results.

So, what are you waiting for? Spruce things up around the house and get your idea moving!

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