Innovative New Sporting Products

Innovative new products continue to hit the market everyday. Our species as a whole remains steadfast with its undying urge to evolve everything in and around our lives. Here are a few new innovations for you outdoor adventurer types.

1. The Syte Sleeve lets users wear their device on the forearm, designed to make exercising with smartphones easier

Innovative phone case

Most people who exercise with their smartphones carry the phone in their hand or in an armband, which is clumsy and can restrict movement. The Syte Sleeve offers a more convenient option by placing the device on the forearm beneath a clear, plastic screen that allows touchscreen access. Its moisture-wicking material helps keep the arm cool, and the smartphone pocket can be removed and used separately.

2. The Daymak Drive System (DDS) conversion kit makes it easy to turn a regular bike into a solar-powered electric bike.

Innovative solar bike

Designed to replace the bike’s standard rear wheel, the DDS wheel holds a 250-watt motor and 36-volt/12-Ah lithium polymer battery within its hub. An array of solar panels integrated into the hub and covered by a protective cover provides a slow but constant charge to the battery, with each hour of exposure earning an extra half-mile of battery power.

According to the developers, a key part of the DDS is its wireless capability, which allows the system to communicate with the handlebar-mounted throttle and controls.

3. The Procore mountain bike tire system creates a dual chamber that helps to prevent flats while also providing more traction on bumpy, muddy trails.

Designed to work with existing tubeless tires, the Procore system helps mountain bikers find the balance between low air pressure (better traction) and high air pressure (less likelihood of pinch flats). The tube is designed to be installed in the owner’s existing tire, where just a bit of space is left between it and the tire’s inner walls. This separation allows the Procore tube to be inflated to a high pressure, which keeps the tire firmly on the rim while also preventing pinch flats. The ‘outer tube’ (the original tire) can then be kept at a very low pressure, which provides more traction on mountain biking trails.

Hell, I’ll take all three and see you when the snow flies.

Innovative tire

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