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What’s not to love about inventing? You get to spend your days either solving problems, or just finding ways to make things better. You wear your thinking cap like a badge of honor, and you live in a perpetual state of creativity. Ah yes, what’s not to love?

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For some of us ideas come easy. For others, well we have to work at it, and hard. Here is some inventing advice for aspiring creators to help keep the spark of innovation alive!

  • Don’t force it: Some of the best inventions were accidental! You don’t have to force yourself to think of something. Just let your powers of observation guide you and allow your creativity to come up with solutions that lead you to towards the creation of a new invention.
  • Be patient, it’s a trial and error process: Do not be discouraged by a failure. Sometimes, you will be faced with a lot of failures before you succeed, but if you believe in the potential of your creation, then have the courage to see it through.
  • Keep it simple: Many new inventions aren’t always grand or technical. In fact most are just simple and practical. If you see a common problem for which you can invent a simple solution, go for it! Another benefit of the simple idea is that it can usually be done with basic materials and little mechanical know how.
  • Don’t be afraid to get some help: If your idea is really technical and you need some help, there are companies out there who can help bring your inventions to life. Just do your homework and make sure your teaming a partner who has a proven track record.

So for the lucky few, inventing can be a rewarding full time job. But for most of us, its a great hobby and positive outlet for our creative ambition. So remember, first and foremost, have fun everyone!

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