Inventor Basics

Lets Get Started With Some Inventor Basics

Most inventions are pretty straight forward. Problem X could be solved only if there was a product Y. Inventors get their drive from seeing a problem and having that a urger to solve it. So if you have a clear idea of what you want to build, lets take it from there.

Inventor basics

Start out by clearly documenting your idea. What problem does it solve? How will your product function? How are you going to make it, and how should you market it? Next, do your homework. Has your idea already been invented? Does a similar version already exist on the shelves somewhere overseas? Psst, its called google. Use it. After you’ve gathered enough info to warrant build, go for it!

Gather your materials to build your prototype. Your prototype will be the basis for your final invention, and your early indicator as to how effective and efficient you invention is. Obviously some inventions have more materials than others. Begin creating your invention with the initial materials you can find if you cannot immediately procure everything you need. This makes your progress more observable, and you will be more driven when you see your ideas being turned to reality even if it’s just piece by piece!

When you have completed your prototype, you can now fine tune it. By doing so, you will come up with a fully functional model of your invention which you can present for evaluation. Next, you should consider how to protect your idea. You can also apply for a provisional patent for your invention and present all the supporting documents showing the conception and creation process of your work.

What if you don’t have any licensing or manufacturing contacts?

This is when you have to consider working with a third party company. There are many out there who will help represent and present your idea to market. Yes there will be fees and royalty negotiations, which is just the reality of doing business. If you do get interest from a potential buyer, then make the choice of patenting, or simply file for patent pending. Check out our patent section to learn what makes the most sense for you.

Marketing is that big giant huge step, so get ready for it. Whether your working with company to help you, or your book trade show across the county on your own. Be prepared, and the move you prep for it, the better off you’ll be.

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