Ryouaninventor.com has one purpose: To be the catalyst that ignites ideas into inventions. All too often the greatest ideas that never were failed right where they began, in a would be inventors mind. Tragic, yes. Uncommon? Unfortunately not. Time and time again we hear stories of “what if”, stories rooted in the regret of individuals who are left haunted by their own inactions. The path from idea to invention has been muddled due to a variety of reasons, and several culprits are to blame.invention process

Like, the changing laws from the United States Patent Office, the millions of competing patent attorneys, our own ignorance, and the general unscrupulous nature of the invention promotion industry as a whole. You have probably seen them advertised on television, usually late night or early morning hours. They promise some sort of free kit, and tell you that they will make your invention and/or market your product. Unfortunately many inventors and entrepreneurs have learned the hard way that these companies talk big but do little. Seems hopeless right? Now it makes perfect sense why most ideas fail right where they began, right?

NO! Only if you let it! We ask the question, are you an inventor, because we truly believe that  innovation knows no bounds. While it can be delayed, it will never be stifled. It will not yield to circumstances, nor will it ever give in to despair. For the greatest innovations have been born in defeat. They found a way, they always do. They beat the odds, and defy the naysayers who do nothing more than promote doubt. True human innovation cannot be stopped! It is our goal to provide you helpful resources, cover industry related news, how-to’s, successes and failures, so that you can make informed and well educated decisions about to do with your idea. And, it is our most sincere hope that you do at least one thing, SOMETHING. Leave no regret. Do the hard work. Spend the time. And for once and for all find out if…You are an inventor!