Move Your Idea Forward

Every get frustrated by what should be a seemingly simple enough task, and have an idea how to make it better? Well you are not alone. That precise moment of angst, where the temper starts to percolate, is the birthplace of some of the best ideas. Unfortunately, it is also where most ideas die. Time and time again it happens, but why? Who is the culprit? Who is this mysterious destroyer of dreams?

Move Your Idea Forward

Simple, life! Yep. Life. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Life get’s in the way. It doesn’t mean too, but it does. Is not like it is a malicious interference, it is just what it is. We have all been there. You are all excited about that new idea, and you even spend some time fantasizing about “what could happen”. You’ve closed your eyes and are lost deep in you mind swimming in a sea of possibility when all of a sudden it happens! Your phone rings. Your inbox lights up. Your baby cries. That waiter asks if you like you drink. There is a knock at your door. “Hello. Im am your life. Time to return to reality.”

It’s like the emergency brake on a train just got yanked! All that possibility, all that “what if.” Poof! It’s gone. Your conscious demands that your mind returns to the task at hand. You give a brief sigh of contempt, but you comply. You answer that phone call. You rip through those emails. You tend to you child. You oder another drink. You let the cable guy in… Yes, we are guilty of it, but we can’t blame ourselves.

Here is what we can do. Something. Start small. Set small feasible tasks, with firm deadlines. Maybe just start with jotting down your idea, and posting it on your refrigerator. Keep that idea in the open and don’t let it fall into oblivion. Walk past it enough times until your ready to commit to the next step. Once you do, set a deadline. Tell yourself “by next friday I will complete X.” There are plenty of articles online that offer simple steps to follow to help get your idea off the ground, like this one.

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