Patent, or Not to Patent?


Getting a patent, understand the right type of patent to get, or even the right time to patent is the primary roadblock for most new ideas. If you start to get confused when researching how and when to patent, guess what? You are not alone. Bringing a new product idea to market, as an independent, is no easy task. It is high risk, costly, unlikely, but also is at the core of human innovation. Where would we be without those great ideas that changed the world?

If you are an inventor, or just clever person with a nifty idea, you must protect that idea or invention! And it is our goal here to give you the facts, and provide you news and updates on how and when to patent. First off, you must understand the new laws which grant ownership of an idea to those who are first to file that idea with the United States Patent Office. So, click here to lean more about being the first to file. And for those of you who’ve done the research and are eager to patent, click here to learn how to patent your idea today.

So when the topic of when and how to patent arrises, we recommend patiences. Do your homework. Understand what is best for you and your idea. And move forward with caution. As we mentioned, bringing a new product idea to market is risky, which we’ll cover in our next article on this subject, “Patent Trolls Exist”!


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