Power of Video Marketing

A good product video can be the difference between a product in stores versus some dude with an idea. Why to market you product online: It offers vast possibilities for reaching a very wide audience. A good invention doesn’t recognize borders and language barriers, and the best place to reach a wide international auditorium is, of course, the Web. But, for our purposes, specifically, video marketing lies at the core of invention online marketing, and here is why.

Video marketing

Tell me about you

When marketing your invention, you are actually marketing that it is unlike any other before it. This means that a lot of people will be skeptical about its potential usefulness. After all, they have never used it before, nor did they ever have the chance to talk to anybody who has any kind of experience with using the product. This makes explaining what your invention does a priority. On top of that, you need to explain how it functions, all the while providing examples of its practical applications. The only way you can do this, and without wasting peoples’ time with large blocks of text, pictures and diagrams, is through a video presentation.

Show how it solves that problem

Inventions have one marketing edge that other products don’t have. They are brand new, never before seen, things that solve problems for people. Naturally, this means that they will provoke curiosity with people. Also, there is always that question: “How did they come up with this thing?”, and you should use that. A video can help you tell your story to the fullest and bring your invention a bit closer to potential customers and investors. This means that you have a product that you can market without having to think of ways you can make it interesting to customers – it is genuinely interesting content.

Engage with the people you know

I recommend YouTube because, let’s face it, it’s the largest video sharing platform in the World. As a part of the Google family, its comment section is connected to Google+ which opens new possibilities. On top of that, it integrates marvelously with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. When you are building up your YouTube channel, make sure that you put in a squeeze screen for your users to subscribe for your newsletter. Also, in the about section, put in links that lead to your website and social network profiles, so people who are interested and want to learn more can find you easily.

Video is a tool, use it!

Video material about interesting inventions has big viral potential, and this is a fact. Viral potential is the probability that your video will blow up and drag in a lot of shares, which is an equivalent for word of mouth marketing, only on a bigger scale. This is why you need to have a well-organized and properly arranged YouTube channel which you will use as a main tool to reach your target audience. Be sure to keep it alive and kicking through regular updates within all stages of your project implantation in order to keep people interested.

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