R.I.P. My Idea

big idea

We’ve all been there. Your head hits the pillow and your consciousness pleasantly fading away as the sweet promise of sleep draws closer and then, it hits you. An idea for a game-changing invention that will make you a millionaire overnight. Then you wake up the next morning, step out of the shower, and make the exact same mistake the prevents most ideas from moving forward. That is, you let your life get in the way. Hey, it happens. You have a job, family, responsibility, and the last thing you need is another distraction. Unfortunately most of us just don’t have the bandwidth to do something with that super cool idea that popped in our head last night. So your idea dies right where it started, stuck in your head.

Why not buck the trend, and summon the courage to move that idea forward? You don’t have to figure it all out overnight. Pump the breaks, take a deep breath, and maybe just start with some simple research. Spend a few nights clicking around the good ‘ole internet and see what your option are. Believe me, there are many. No matter what you do, just promise your self you’ll do at least something.

Don’t let that idea just die in your head. Why not check out the cool design company. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to look up the competition and find a company that best fits you, and your idea.

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