Shank Tank Chrismukkah

 However lets first recognize one of the best Tree Topper’s of all time seen in Shark Tank’s Season 5 Holiday Episode.

Chrismukkha More Families are celebrating both the Christmas and Hanukah traditions together as evidenced by the explosive sales of the Tree Topper, there’s another product on the Shark Tank tonight looking to expand this market even further. 

Hoppy Paws

 The Hoppy Paws will have your kid’s hopping for joy when they see the paw prints of Santa’s Reindeer around the Christmas Tree. Trina Barkouras is the entrepreneur appearing in this years Shark Tank Holiday Special with a variety of Hoppy Paw Stamp Prints covering several different Holidays. 

The Mensch on a Bench

The Mensch on a Bench is the Jewish alternative to the very successful “Elf on the Shelf” new Christmas Tradition. Neal Hoffman, the inventor of The Mensch on a Bench and former Toy Executive, has come a long way in a very short amount of time starting a brand new Hanukkah Tradition.

Eve Drop Adjustable Christmas Light Hangers

The Eve Drop Christmas Hangers invented by Nathan Shaffer has a brand new concept how to store your lights after the Holiday Season’s over. Instead of taking your Christmas lights down only to put them back up next year, simply hide them up under the eve of the house with these adjustable hangers.


The QFlex is a hand-held acupuncture device capable of reaching any pressure point found throughout the body. The entrepreneurs who invented the Q-Flex based on ancient Chinese Traditions is Andrea and Hong Cao. Andrea is one of the youngest Entrepreneurs to appear on the Shark Tan Show at 13 years old while her mother Hong refused to give her age. LOL, you’ll have to watch their audition video to figure that one out.  Ho Ho Ho, Happy Chrismukkah!

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