Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 1 Part 1 – Winners and Losers

Every week Shark Tank has some contestants find investments from the Sharks while others are asked to not let the door hit them on the way out, and leave with no investment in hand. will be summarizing the winners and losers from each week.

This Weeks Companies were

Sleeping Baby Inc.

Hammer & Nails

Amber AKA The Wedding Wagon


The clear winner of episode 1 part one of Shark Tank Season 6 was Sleeping Baby Inc and the Zipadee-Zip. Company founders Stephanie and Brett Parker created a sleep sack that allowed babies to sleep in comfort without waking themselves or their parents up. Stephanie made a great case for her product but failed to impress Mark Cuban or Robert Herjavec who both quickly bailed out. However the other 3 sharks were biting! After Lori Greiner made a bid of $200,000 for 25% share of the business, Kevin O’Leary jumped in with an even more attractive $200,000 for 20% of the business (This may be the first offer ever by Kevin that didn’t royalties or perpetuity attached to it, we are shocked!). Finally Daymond John jumped in with the exact same offer as Kevin. Stephanie and Brett attempted a little negotiation with Daymond but Daymond stood strong and they accepted the deal at 20%.

The other winner of the night was Randy Goldberg & David Heath owners of Bombas. Only one Shark took the bait which left them with little negotiation room, however they did escape the Shark Tank with a $200,000 deal with Daymond at 17.5% share of their high-end sock business.

Though Michael Elliot’s men-only nail salon failed to have the Sharks seeing green the clear losers of the night were James Cass & Adrian Gonzales Wedding Wagon Company. The concept was simple which caused the Sharks to point out all the areas of concern with their business model. Not to mention they already sold off there one semi successful Las Vegas Wedding Wagon Company. James’s and Adrian’s only successful union of the night was the kiss between Kevin & Barbara, we use the term successful loosely.

With that said the first episode of Shark Tank Season 6 is in the books and the Shark Investment Tally’s are below. Daymond John is out to the early quick start!

Daymond John – 2 Deals, $400,000 in Investment

Mark Cuban – 0 Deals

Robert Herjavec – 0 Deals

Kevin O’Leary – 0 Deals

Lori Greiner – 0 Deals

Barbara Corcoran – 0 Deals

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