Shark Tank Stirs Up More Tom+Chee

The impact of being on Shark Tank continues far beyond when your television fades to black. Take for example Tom+Chee, a soup and sandwich joint made famous by ABC’s “Shark Tank”. Originally launched in Cincinnati, OH, it is now planning to expand to 13 new stores by spring 2015, according to the its two entrepreneur co-founders Trew Quakenbush and Corey Ward.

Shark Tank darling, Tom+Chee

Recently it was announced that the Tom+Cheese would be opening in Carrboro, NC as part of their planned expansion. So what is that makes this restaurant such a viable start up? Well, its model for one seems to be scaling nicely. While they bill themselves as the Tom+Cheese, they been able to successfully capture the allure of well, what goes great with grilled cheese and tomato soup, and beyond. Take for example their new Choco Bacon Bliss Donut! Yikes! Other noteworthy menu items include the classic “Grilled Cheese Donut”, “Hippy+Chee” and a variety of soups and salads to round out quite an interesting take on classic comfort foods. Check out their full menu here.

The company originally started as a Cincinnati food tent. Then, the co-founders pitched their idea on “Shark Tank” in May 2013. That’s when sharks Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban decided to invest. “Since we appeared on ‘Shark Tank,’ we’ve received more than 20,000 inquiries from people interested in operating their own Tom+Chee,” Ward said via prepared statement. “It’s an exciting time for our company and it’s proof that hard work and good food can make your dreams come true.”

To date Tom+Chee has locations operating in Trento, Lancaster PA, Columbus OH, Toledo OH, Lansing MI, Indianapolis IN, Louisville KY, Lexington KY, Atlanta GA, and Lincoln NE. I love myself a grilled cheese donut, so thank you Shark Tank and thank you Tom+Chee. I can’t to see the delicious start up find itself just a little further west!

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